Monadnock Cloud

Christian Life Fellowship

The pastors of Christian Life Fellowship were maxing out their seats every Sunday. They have an amazing membership, but they were struggling to dispatch the gospel message further, a key peice of their mission.They needed a brand strategy that conveyed their mission to bring the Word of Jesus to all they can. 


"As a thriving, energetic Church Ministry in order to reach our audience we strive to be on the cutting edge of all our communication technology. We have worked with Mikel Steadman and Monadnock Cloud for many years for the planning and development of our website, mobile app, and social media presence.

"Monadnock Cloud has vastly improved our ability to communicate our message to our local community and has even given us a global reach! This company has been a great partner to work with for our website, cloud strategy, and managed hosting. We couldn't be more pleased with what they have done for us and we would highly recommend them to anyone!"

—Rev. Brian Cook / Executive Pastor